The Cowboys 4 Kids Approach

We run our equine programs in a cowboy atmosphere on Beulah Ranch, a 30 acre property located on the Central Coast of NSW.

We have developed a broad holistic approach to the support and development of children as the foundation of all our programs. Children within the Foster care system live outside the perametres of a normal healthy family environment and, due to no fault of their own, they walk with low self esteem, abandonment and sexual abuse trauma as a result of the family unit breakdown.

C4K’s programs at Beulah Ranch are designed to create a safe haven for these precious lives where our proposed outcomes are to achieve stability and personal development of the participants involved.

Our equine assisted program (Eagala Program) educates the children to identify and develop healthy mindsets in an environment that they have never experienced. This environment promotes physical, occupational, and emotional growth in children as follows:



  • Confidence
  • Passion
  • Self-Efficacy
  • Self-Concept
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Perspective
  • Decreased Isolation
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Impulse Control
  • Practical & Social Skills
  • Relational connection
  • Boundaries

R.A.P.(Response Ability Pathways) is the base program that is foundational through all activities. Children and youth need supportive persons who respond to their needs rather than react to their problems. RAP provides these response abilities which enable one to guide young persons on pathways to responsibility.
We work on four pathways of encouragement and development:

  1. Belonging – Overcoming an abandonment mindset and developing community base connection
  2. Mastery – Skill based activities is important to develop, self confidence and life skills
  3. Independence – Children leave the foster system at 18 yrs of age with very little training in skilled based learning. Our programs will develop natural skills and abilities for their future developing lives, enabling them to be productive members of society.
  4. Generosity – To develop a well rounded young adult with empathy and community awareness.

Objectives of the charity

  • Working directly with children within the foster care system.
  • Promoting the plight of these kids-at-risk.
  • Working with families in crisis by providing support
  • To champion our equine therapy and life skills programs
  • Developing a volunteer structure for our program within the community e.g retired and working 
  • Developing and training others in our program to work within the foster care system

Outcomes of our charity

Our mentoring programs are designed to develop healthy, strong and productive individuals.

  • Working in close partnership with foster care agencies where we provide intervention in the development of children prior to them leaving this system at 18 years of age.
  • To create a deeper public awareness of the needs of the children within the foster care system
  • Addressing trauma utilising mentoring equine programs, workshop skills development, cooking and life skills, rock climbing, abseiling and various outdoor programs all delivered through a cowboy culture
  • The restoration fragmented families that are on the verge of self destruction, by building core family values of unity love and mutual respect through our Ranch experience.
  • Because so many children don’t have a family environment we intend to harness volunteering working professionals and retirees within the community
  • To eventually establish satellite programs in all areas of Australia


Beulah Ranch

The home of Cowboys 4 Kids charity