Our vision is to effect positive generational change within the lives of children within our foster care system through equine and life skills programs.

Our goal is to show these precious children how to love and be loved, how to discover their gifts and talents and introduce a totally new perspective on life.  All of our programs are run in close partnership with Allambi Care and Family Youth Hope on the Central Coast of NSW.  A priority for us is to see parents and children discovering the joy and strength found in a healthy, fully functional family unit, therefore we are committed to including parents in our programs wherever possible.

We are influencing future generations.

In order to fulfil the vision of Cowboys 4 Kids and facilitate the programs run at Beulah Ranch we need to draw on help from our community, corporations and partners. The following infrastructure areas are where we need major investment but there are various areas of need in delivering our programs where smaller donations are extremely appreciated such as horse care sponsorship.

1. The construction of a 20m x 40m covered arena to enable us to run the programs safely in all kinds of weather  = $130,000

2. To renovate our existing shed with a mezzanine floor with a break out area and instructional facility as well as a music room. Ground floor to be designated for a fully functional trade and craft workshop to recognise and develop natural talents =  $85,000.

3. Construct platforms and access to two natural rock climbing walls to assist in developing self – esteem, leadership and a team work attitude  =  $67,000.

4.  An outdoor deck with BBQ cooking facilities for instruction and social activities.  = $ 20,000.


An important part of our development is to see our program expand across NSW and ultimately Australia, working with people who are like-minded and passionate about these children. Through direction and training we will be able to build a network of  partnering entities to assist all foster care agencies on a local and National level.  An integral part of our program and vision is our early intervention with families struggling to stay together where we can bring assistance in building healthy family relationships. Additional funding would be required for this.




If you are interested in helping us, whether through donating finances via our Gift Recipient receipt, offering your skills or time, please contact us – we would greatly appreciate it.